Since 1954, QUARTZCOLOR is a global brand dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-performance, reliable, durable, and low-maintenance professional lighting fixtures.

Since 2012, COSMOLIGHT is the owner of the two world-renowned brands for professional lighting fixtures and lighting suspensions: QUARTZCOLOR and IFF

Based in Rome, Italy –  COSMOLIGHT can offer combined and customize lighting and suspension systems for TV studios, video productions, stage and architectural applications worldwide.

The variety of its range of LED and Tungsten Fresnel, Softlights, Fill & Cyclorama lighting guarantees diverse solutions for almost any lighting application, especially TV studios, virtual sets, theatres and film sets.

Making the most of a long history and expertise, QUARTZCOLOR offers an extensive and competitive range built to the highest standards of light output and efficiency.

As always, QUARTZCOLOR lighting fixtures feature robust construction, superior optical performance, and a quick maintenance design.

The perfect choice for professional rental, stage and studio applications and technicians.


Multi-lite UK are proud Distributors within the UK for Cosmolight, Quartzcolor and IFF product ranges.  Contact our team for more info.