All Lamp Types for All Lighting Industries

Multiple options

Over recent years, the industry has seen many changes with lamp technologies evolving to provide greater benefits to the user including energy saving, longer lifetimes and choice. This also provides a greater confusion for some, with so many options and choice, and trying to keep up with the latest information where certain products are phased out or banned from sale.

Our experienced team are on hand to support you and discuss all of the options of lamp technologies and brands to meet your needs, whether they be halogen, fluorescent, discharge or LED.

Our experienced team are on hand to support you and discuss all of the options of lamp technologies and brands to meet your needs, whether that be halogen, fluorescent, discharge or LED.

We aim to carry all options of products where possible, as the base, colour, wattage or finish may differ across the range.

Working closely with all of the leading manufacturers allows us to independently recommend the best solution for your need.

Whether you are looking for a new lighting supplier or simply looking to upgrade your current lighting set up, try Multi-lite today to compare your options.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Multi-lite UK are able to discuss and recommend an array of brands to replace your older technology lamps with a direct retro fit LED low energy equivalent. We are able to offer calculations of savings against your current product to show the financial payback of changing to energy efficient products.

LED lamps are typically only 10% of the power of traditional lamp technologies, yet meting the same light output. Providing much longer lifetimes and operating at much cooler temperatures means less replacements and easier to handle.

In some instances, it will not be practical or cost effective to simply replace the lamp itself, but instead it may be necessary to replace the complete fitting to an LED integrated unit, with the same benefits as mentioned above.

With the latest LED products, SMART and wireless control of the lamp or fitting is now possible. This opens up many opportunities for colour control, dimming control, scene setting and timer setting - via either a downloadable app to your device or smart speaker.

See our Smart home section for more information or contact our team to discuss further.

Speciality Lighting

Multi-lite have been supplying many of the leading companies operating in very specialist industries.

Entertainment industries

Television & Motion Picture rental companies demand a quick turnaround of deliveries to ensure productions keep to schedule. Multi-lite are proud to have some of the largest companies as regular clients within this market.

Live event, Theatre and Stage Shows require a wide range or products to ensure that these performances are 100% every time. Multi-lite carry large stocks at competitive prices across this specialist area.

Medical & Health markets

Multi-Lite carries special lamps for laryngoscopes, magnifying glasses, UV curing, nail curing, scientific examinations, dentistry, surgical lighting, dental lamps or even bilirubin lighting, as well as medical lamps (also sockets) for instruments such as endoscopy, surgical lamps or ophthalmoscope and retinoscope or other visual inspection lamps.

Automotive & Industrial lighting

For Automotive lighting, we partner Osram who offer lamps have to withstand the strongest loads and provide perfect illumination and brightness in all visibility conditions.

Multi-lite are supplying lighting to business's operating within specialist industrial applications such as disinfection, curing & coating of lacquers, microscopy and inspection, paper and printing industry, and solar simulations.

Brands we stock