Astera Lighting

Astera is a German hardware, software and manufacturing specialist. Since the mid-2000s, Astera has been producing battery-powered, remote controlled LED lights.

Astera is a key player in the film and event lighting industries and has a reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the business.

What makes Astera unique?

Astera’s commitment to developing ground-breaking 100% wireless LED lighting technologies embodies the spirit of innovation and embraces the challenges of lighting professionals working in any environment or space. Providing straightforward and sustainable tools to enhance creativity, the incentive and foresight driving the brand is rooted in the company’s own event and film industry background, resulting in products designed by the industry for the industry – a journey that started in 2005.

Active in three dynamically different yet symbiotic fields of entertainment industry lighting – film, television, and video; special events of all types; and music, concerts, and touring