Integral LED

As an industry frontrunner, Integral LED delivers high-quality designer LED lighting solutions for a range of commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality and residential applications. 

Leveraging 30 years experience, they understand semiconductor technology at its core. This allows them to innovate and bring cutting-edge products quickly to the market.

They offer: 

  • High quality, innovative and aesthetically-pleasing lighting products for everyone,
  • Flexibility, fair pricing and large stock
  • Bespoke lighting design solutions and support for market specifiers.

Integral LED is a brand of Integral memory Plc. founded in 1989. Initially selling computer RAM, our company quickly established itself as a leader in that space. 

Leveraging on this success and their long experience in semiconductors, Integral LED entered the LED lighting market with a clear vision and a strong commitment:

To promote the wide adoption of cutting-edge LED lighting, replacing outdated and under-performing fittings with affordable and evermore efficient solutions, slashing energy bills and carbon emissions. Integral LED also strive to improve people’s comfort by delivering the best lighting experience for any context.

Quality is never compromised as their products go through rigorous testing in their lighting laboratory allowing Integral to deliver lighting solutions that you can trust. This commitment to quality, along with a focus on innovation has elevated brands such as Evofire to among the best selling in the UK and Europe.

In a relatively short period, Integral LED have won over 10 Which? Best Buy awards for various LED products, were listed as a Top 25 UK Lighting Company by Lux Review, and were short-listed for their “Enabling Technology of the Year” & “Lighting Product of the Year” awards. 

With over 100 million products sold through thousands of retailers and resellers in the last few years, a lot of progress has been made since Integral Memory plc started in 1989, with a simple aim of bringing the latest high quality technology products to market at competitive prices.