LED Retro Fit Lamp


Whatever the application or industry, we can offer an LED retro fit lamp replacement or LED replacement luminaire when a simple lamp replacement is not possible.

As a measure to reduce Co2 emissions, the UK Government and EU have implemented recent bans on placing inefficient light sources into the market.  At the same time RoHS Directives are further restricting light sources that contain hazardous substances such as Mercury.  This has presented the lighting industry and consumers with some complex challenges, whilst sealing the fate on some of the historic traditional technologies.

In most instances, changing to an LED lamp that provides similar light levels whilst using only 10% of the original lamps power, is a sensible and easy choice to swap out.



Depending on your budget, there are options of dimmable or non-dimmable lamps.  There are more higher CRi lamps entering the market meaning that the quality of light represents the item you are showing/selling in its best light, especially important for food/clothing/retailers.




Replacing fluorescent and Gas Discharge Lamps can be more challenging as there are so many different fixtures, ballasts and control gear in the market that offering one product that can work with all of these options is simply not possible.  We do have solutions if we know the system that you are currently using and our experienced team can assist with this.




If you want to make more of a feature of your area, for example in a restaurant, why not check out the latest LED Decorative products that come in a variety of sizes and shapes, colours and finishes.






The future is bright, the future is SMART.  Many LED lamps are now equipped with technology to be controlled via your SMART speaker or device, or an app on your tablet or phone.  The choice of shapes, styles and colours that have SMART technology is growing all of the time.