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ENDURA? FLOOD Sensor Cool White 20 W 4000 K DG

£30.25 exc VAT

ENDURA? FLOOD Sensor Cool White

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Outdoor sensor luminaires in 4000K. Product features: Very bright and functional outdoor LED luminaires. Symmetrical beam angle: 110? x 110?. Mounting bracket for up to 180? tilting. Ambient temperature in operation: -10?+40 ?C. Connection via 1 m cable, wiring required. Adjustable IR daylight and motion sensor with a detection range of up to 9 m. Product benefits: Optimized weight and size due to compact design. Energy savings of up to 80 % compared to halogen lamp floodlights. Semi-frosted, tempered glass cover for uniform illumination. Areas of application: Outdoor use (IP44). Replacement for floodlights with halogen lamps. Garages. Building facades.

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