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FL COMP V 90W 865 SYM 100 BK???????

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FL COMP V 90W 865 SYM 100 BK???????

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Floodlight with up to 9000 lm light output. Product features: Reflector-based, symmetric light distribution with 100? x 100? beam angle. Surge protection: up to 4 kV (L/N-PE), 2 kV (L-N). Mounting bracket with 30? angle and wide rotation area. Pre-installed, flexible 1 m cable (H05RN-F), wrapped 3 x 1.0 mm? single wires. Breather membrane to optimize air exchange, without compromising IP protection. Product benefits: Robust, yet light and compact design. Safe and very uniform illumination, due to frosted and tempered glass diffuser. No upper light output ratio (ULOR 0%) when mounted at 0? tilt. Energy savings of up to 90 % compared to halogen lamp floodlights. 3 years guarantee. Areas of application: Replacement for floodlights with halogen lamps. Outdoor use (IP65). Public areas. Building facades. Gardens, balconies and other outdoor areas. Construction areas.

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