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Q-MAX 2bi1 Eggcrate/Louvre/Grid only

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Q-MAX 2bi1 Grid/Eggcrate/Louvre only

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Q-MAX 2bi1 LED Soft Fill accessory.? This is the 30 degree eggcrate / louvre / grid for the 2bi1 Q-MAX Soft Fill LED panel.? Simply slides within the front accessory of the light fitting and provides a focused light beam perfect for interviews and photography.

LED Soft lights by nature provide a very wide light beam angle that is perfect for lighting a set or wider shot.? If you are using a tight shot then you may not want the light beam to spray across other people in shot and this is where this grid/eggcrate/louvre will provide a much tighter light beam.

Specially designed to offer a 30 degree beam, reduced from 120 degree of the standard light panel.

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