Manufactured in Great Britain Q-Max filters are high quality and economical, and are made of the same material as LEE Filters – they are based on polyester film, to aid durability.

Q-MAX filters have been offered to lighting professionals for 20 years+ across Europe and US and Asia.   During this time the Q-MAX brand has been accepted and used with many Theatres, Live Events, Film and Television productions and Photographers.

Q-MAX offers you a variety of hundreds of different colours and tints. With Q-MAX filters you have the option of choosing nearly all of the colours, effects and reflectors you might know from other brand named manufacturers.

These are the advantages of Q-MAX filters:

  • Q-MAX filters are marked for easier measurement.
  • Q-MAX filters have a number indicator at the top of the roll, specifying the colour number and name.
  • Q-MAX filters are supplied on rolls with only 26mm diameter, which saves space when transporting and stocking.
  • Q-MAX filters are numbered in accordance with LEE Filters’ industry standard, with only 3 exceptions. For products from Rosco Labs and other suppliers.
  • Q-MAX filters are designed for longevity and colour permanency, so filters have to be exchanged less frequently.


Q-MAX is solely distributed by Multi-lite Group, contact us now to see how much you could be saving.